A New School Year, A New Project

Last spring, our team was contacted by Legal Sea Foods to revisit a project that the Design & Visual Communications students had worked on in 2007: the Legal Sea Foods Kids’ website.

We are so excited and honored for this opportunity! The existing website is beautiful, and we are certain that we will be able to maintain it’s integrity through our market research and brainstorming.

To start the year off, we worked on creating ground rules for teamwork.   We decided on fourteen fundamental guidelines that range from keeping a smile on your face to always sharing individual knowledge with the whole group.

In addition, we have organized our brainstorming by creating a process for market research questions.  We begin by writing down all the initial questions that the group has.  After that, we improve the questions by categorizing them as closed or open, rewording them, and prioritizing them.

So far, these protocols have really improved our workflow as a team and the ideas we are coming up with!  As a team, we have been meeting two blocks a day back to back. Occasionally we take 10 minutes breaks to play Frisbee to keep our momentum going!


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