We’re back!

Since the school year of 2013 to 2014 has begun, we are back and ready to post again!

For the past month, Kayla and I have been busy sorting through InvenTeam documents and equipment from last year and cleaning out our messy closet. We have condensed, reorganized, and archived almost all of our material, yet it still seems like we have ways to go!

Karen has been working on refining our technical instructions and answering questions from our team members at Saint Joseph School. New photos of our Ethiopian teammates working on the technical layout before summer break have arrived. It is truly inspiring to see them working alongside our instructions! As the year goes on, we will periodically update the blog on InvenTeam progress in partnership with Saint Joseph School.

In the meanwhile, Design majors have begun work on expanding and revising the Legal Sea Foods Kids’ Website designed by the Design & Visual Communications majors of 2008 to 2009 (the existing website can be found here). The blog will be switching gears slightly to begin focusing on the new project.


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