The Newton Rotary Club

On the last day before winter break, Chris Chu, a member of the Newton Rotary Club and coordinator of the Newton’s Got Talent fundraiser event for the Newton Rotary Club, came by to pick up the finalized posters and advertisements from Design and Visual Communications Major 1 students.

The InvenTeam banner and all the other commotion that was taking place by the team members intrigued Ms. Chu. Mrs. Brooks explained how we got involved in the Lemelson-MIT Program and Emily explained how our invention works.

Due to her interest and eagerness to help us fundraise, we received an invitation to present our invention at the Newton Rotary Club luncheon.

On Tuesday, Adam, Winnie, Felege, Emily, and Brian went to the Marriott to present to the club.  We gave an overview of the project, as well as background information we had gathered about road traffic safety.  We ended with a Q&A session so that club members could voice any questions they might have.

The presentation was a great experience, and we received valuable feedback about the invention.  We were honored when the club members congratulated us on our work, and expressed the worthiness of our cause.

—WC and BT

All photos by Amy Blotner Photography

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