Educating the Secretary of Education

Matt Malone, Secretary of Education for the state of Massachusetts, visited Newton North High School on Monday, January 14th. He first met with the school’s administrators and later visited several classrooms.

When he stopped at our Design Lab, Felege, the technical leader, and Winnie, the communications leader, gave a presentation on our team’s project. Dr. Malone responded with high enthusiasm and interest in our cause.

Once the presentation was over, we congratulated Felege and Winnie for the outstanding perseverance and hard work they put into writing and practicing the presentation.

We were all extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to share our project with the Secretary of Education!


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  1. Matthew Malone says:

    Thank you all for having me back at Newton North – it really was like coming home. I am so impressed with your team and all of the thought and hard work that you’ve put into your project. Best of luck in the competition and I can’t wait to see the final product in action, helping people across the world!

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