Graduates Pay Visits

Former design students came to visit Mrs. Brooks and share their thoughts on our project. It was lots of fun to see them and get to present our invention! Since we were taking so many pictures already and the visiting students were so enthusiastic about the project, we decided to let them leave comments for our blog:

“It’s incredible seeing the progress of this project. I am excited to see the finalized project! Graduating from this school and haven taken this class too, I am proud to see the class take on new and more advanced assignments and seeing it grow every year.”


“I’m impressed by the finished can project.  I really love how the shapes and colors came out.  I love that this class is continuing to push boundaries of creativity and as I’ve seen in the MIT project, push the limits on what kids can and can’t do.   The class is proof that age is irrelevant and the potential of youth is limitless.”


“It has been amazing to watch this program develop to such a great magnitude that allows the classes to tackle major projects like this. Using the skills developed by earlier projects has really allowed these designers to blossom, and to help to make a difference in the world with their innovation.”


“This project has brought this class to a whole new level that I could not have even envisioned 5 years ago. The level of professionalism and dedication to this class is clearly visible in this blog and the hard work put in by the students inside and outside of class time. I am so excited to see the final product of this project and I am incredibly proud of all these students. Congratulations to the NNHS InvenTeam and good luck!”


“The scale of this project is so impressive and the amount of process shown in the brainstorming further enforces this.  It’s exciting to know that high schoolers are thriving under this challenge and I wish them the best of luck.”


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  1. Daryl Choa says:

    Love the photos! Can’t wait to come back and visit spring break!

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