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Stu Schechter

Stu Schechter, artist and engineer from SandCart Studio, met with the A-Team to give an artistically inspiring presentation that demonstrated the value of combining engineering and design skills. Schechter utilizes […]

B-Team: Inspiration Boards

The B-Team worked on inspiration boards filled with aspects of Ethiopian art and culture in order to incorporate them into their logo designs and brands. People pasted inspiring quotes, colors, […]

B-Team: Brainstorming Invention Names

The B-Team divided into smaller groups in order to brainstorm possible updated names for the invention. Groups wrote down any words that came to mind when they thought about the […]

Helen Smith

Helen Smith serves as an editorial consultant for the team. She retired from the English department at Newton North in 2009, having advised the Newtonite since 1971. She is the executive director […]

B-Team: Banner

After receiving our Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam banner, the B-Team opened it slowly and carefully with excitement. —MC

Market Research

One of the first things we asked ourselves was, “How can we make the invention both artistic and functional?” In order to answer this question, the team spent several weeks […]